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Freequently asked questions at Springfields Caravans.

What is the length of the season?
A basic season is 31st March or Easter (whichever is earlier) until 31st October. However even this can vary from site to site. Sites with tarmac roads and parking spaces can extend this to 1st March until 30th November. A few sites have an extended season until 5th January, but this is only for caravans with double glazing, central heating and winter insulation. We can advise you of the opening dates for any particular site.

Who decides the length of the season?
The local planning authority sets the maximum period that the park is allowed to open when it grants the site licence, but it is then at the discretion of the park management as to between which dates within that period the park will be open.

Why might the park be open for less time than the licence allows?
There could be many reasons but most often it would be to allow for essential maintenance and upgrades to be carried out without inconveniencing caravan owners during the season.

Can I use my caravan in the winter?
Only if the park is open during the winter months. However before purchasing a caravan please check that it is suitable for occupation in winter weather, ie. does it have double glazing, central heating and winter insulation. Many parks will allow you to visit your caravan periodically to check its condition and security and to air it during the closed period.

Can I live permanently in my caravan holiday home?
This is not normally allowed under planning regulations for caravan sites. Static caravans are designed as holiday homes and recreational accommodation. They are not intended for permanent use, and this could be a breach of both the site licence and the planning laws. On private land you may well be able to live in the caravan permanently, but you would need to check with your local council.

What about spending consecutive months / long periods in my caravan holiday home?
Parks do not generally have any restriction upon how much time you spend in your caravan during the season. Any plans you have to use your caravan for long term residency should be checked with us and / or the park management before purchase.

What about insurance cover?
Most parks will require you to have insurance cover as a condition of being permitted to have your caravan on site. Even if the park does not, you should ensure that you have adequate insurance cover for your needs and that this includes third party liability. Insurance for holiday homes is not as comprehensive as home insurance for a permanent / main residence so it will not include accidental loss / damage to personal possessions or for temporary re-housing in the event of damage to the holiday home. If in doubt please ask us for advice. We can provide quality comprehensive insurance cover for your caravan whether it is on a site or on private land.

How big is a static caravan?

Static caravans come in a huge range of sizes the smallest normally being 23’ long up to more than 40’ and are usually 10 or 12 feet wide but 13, 14, and 20 feet are now becoming more common. Most caravans are 2 bedroomed, usually made up of one double and one twin, but 1, 3 and 4 bedrooms are also available. Caravans generally used to have fixed furniture but it is increasingly common to find free-standing furniture in caravans now. The layouts of caravans also vary with too many variations to list in this section. Gone also are the days of toilet blocks etc., with modern caravans having toilets, showers, cookers and fridges etc., some even having full-size baths, en-suites, fridge-freezers (some built-in), washing machines, central heating and double glazing.

Will there be a telephone?
Some parks do have facilities for a telephone to be installed into the caravan including in some cases broadband for quick internet access. Mobile telephones are permitted and usable on all parks subject to network coverage.
Are Children allowed?
Yes, most parks allow children. All parks that we own or use allow children. Most parks will have rules or clauses within the site occupation licence requiring parents / responsible adults to ensure reasonable behaviour of children in their charge. Some parks may have restrictions on groups of unaccompanied teenagers using the caravan unsupervised.

Are Dogs allowed?
Almost all parks allow dogs as long as they are kept on a lead when outside your caravan. Obviously, all mess must be cleared up and disposed of in a proper manner.

Does the park have a club / pub, children’s play area, arcade, laundry or swimming pool?
Facilities will vary from park to park. Whilst some parks may have facilities on the park itself, there are so many facilities in and around this popular holiday area that you will never be more than a few minutes away from whatever activity or leisure facility that you may require. We can advise you what facilities are available on any individual park or in the immediate vicinity.
Can I sub-let / rent out my caravan holiday home?
Some parks will allow sub-letting of caravans and some will not. We can give you advice on this subject. Where a caravan park does not allow sub-letting your immediate family will still be able to use the caravan in your absence.

On a sub-letting park, will the park let out my caravan for me?
Normally you will be expected to be responsible for the letting and cleaning of your caravan. A few very large parks will let your van for you for a commission but this is rare and we do not place caravans on any park where this service is available. If you require any guidance on cleaning services please ask us for help, we can put you into contact with reliable cleaning companies.

On a sub-letting park, will the park provide a key service for me?
Some parks will provide a key holding service if you sub-let your caravan, we can give you advice on which parks provide this facility.

Can I park next to my caravan?
Some parks provide parking spaces beside each individual caravan and some provide communal bays close to each set of caravans. We can advise you about the parking facilities on each park. In the summertime when the ground is firm parks normally allow cars to parked on the grass next to your caravan, but in bad weather / ground conditions this may be restricted.

Can I have a garden area?
Generally, no. However most parks allow some plant pots by the caravan or “window boxes” placed on drawbars at the front of the caravan. A few parks do allow a small garden area but this is unusual.

Can I have a verandah or patio area?
Most parks allow verandahs and additional flagstones but exact rules vary. Access for emergency vehicles and mowing machines must be maintained between caravans. All Parks will require you to consult them before going ahead with any verandah or patio. Most sites will insist on using their own contractor for extra flagstones to maintain a uniform appearance across the park. We can help you find high quality verandah and step manufacturers.

Can I have a shed?
All parks normally allow a shed or storage boxes. The exact number and sizes will vary from park to park. Normally at least one 6 x 4 shed is allowed. There may, however, be restrictions on certain plots on certain parks due to emergency access etc. Materials will be restricted to metal due to council regulations prohibiting plastic or wooden storage boxes due to fire risks.

Does my caravan need testing?
We test all caravans both for gas safety and electrical safety before use. Every caravan should have a yearly gas test done by a CORGI registered plumber, many sites will insist on this as a condition of use. If the caravan is sub-let it MUST have an annual certificate in place. Ventilation is a vital part of this test and vent panels should NEVER be covered or altered. Each test is valid for a year.

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